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We are the importer of SPEC from Japan and we also import cables and accessoires of Telos from Taiwan. Additionally, we are an official dealer of Penaudio, Tannoy, Lumin Synergistic Research and Audioquest.


Visit AudioTweaks at the X-fi High-End Audioshow

Visit AudioTweaks at the X-fi High-End Audioshow

Audio Tweaks brings almost the entire range of SPEC products for demo, complemented by products from Telos, Sforzato and Sine. During the show we give special attention to the New SPEC network player and turntable. On the full hours we play analog and on the...


SPEC “The reinvented amplifier!”

SPEC-Corp in Japan was founded by the legendary audio designer Shirokazu Yasaki. He contributed to many breakthroughs at the best Japanese audio manufacturers. Aside from that he always kept developing products on his own as well. His heart has always been at tube amplifiers in combination with high efficiency horn systems. Read more


Telos Audio Design

Telos Audio Design is a relatively new company from Taiwan, ran by Jeff Lin and his wife Branda.
Telos high end audio cables and sound tuning accessories. They have 4 different product series in their programme: The budget series is called the Telos Black Series. Read more

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